Where to find a Nuka-Cola Grape in Fallout 76?

Nuka Grape

Nuka-Cola Grape is a medium-rare drink in Fallout 76 that can be found in a variety of locations. Here are some of the most reliable places to find it:

  • Bubbles: Bubbles is a vendor located upstairs in the Whitespring Resort. She sells Nuka-Cola Grape for 50+ caps each.
  • Nuka-World on Tour: Nuka-World on Tour is an amusement park located in the Savage Divide region. There is a Nuka-Cola vending machine in the last stall on the east side of Cappy’s arcade that sells Nuka-Cola Grape for 50+ caps each.
  • TNT dome #7: TNT dome #7 is an unmarked location located in the Ash Heap region. There is a broken locker inside the dome that may contain a Nuka-Cola Grape.
  • Eta Psi House: Eta Psi House is a fraternity house located in Morgantown. There is a Nuka-Cola room in the basement of the house that may contain a Nuka-Cola Grape.
  • Grafton Steel Underground: Grafton Steel Underground is a location located in the Forest region. There is a safe in the area that requires a 2+ hacking skill to open. The safe may contain a Nuka-Cola Grape.

In addition to these locations, Nuka-Cola Grape can also be found in lunchboxes, as rewards from events, and from the Nuka-Cola Collectron.

Here are some tips for finding Nuka-Cola Grape:

  • Server hop frequently. The items that spawn in a location are refreshed every time you server hop.
  • Check all of the containers in a location. Nuka-Cola Grape can spawn in any container, including fridges, lunchboxes, and desks.
  • Purchase the Nuka-Cola Collectron. The Nuka-Cola Collectron is a camp item that can be purchased from the Atomic Shop. It has a chance to collect Nuka-Cola Grape, as well as other Nuka-Cola flavors.