Where to find a Plunger in Fallout 76?

Are you looking for plungers in Fallout 76? Below are a few locations that will provide locations to find plungers in Fallout 76:

  • 4 around Wavy Willard’s Water Park a couple in the bathrooms.
  • 7 in buildings north of the Whitespring Resort.
  • 2 in Whitespring Maintenance Building
  • 3 around the New River Gorge Resort.
  • 3 at the converted munitions factory.
  • 3 inside buildings on the western side of Point Pleasant.
  • 1 is stuck to the back of a Pick-R up truck truck on State Route 81.
  • 3 in and around Clarksburg.
  • Check the bathrooms in all of the Train stations to see if randoms spawn there.

The plunger can be broken down into individual components such as wood and rubber scrap used for crafting. This item is needed for the Spring Cleaning event currently going on in Season 16.