Where to find the Plan for the Nuka-Cola Dark Power Armor Paint in Fallout 76?

Nuka Cola

The Nuka-Cola Dark power armor paint plan in Fallout 76 isn’t found through a straightforward method like quests or vendors. Instead, it requires following a series of clues scattered throughout the map. Here’s a breakdown of the locations you need to visit:

  • Pylon V-13 (Cranberry Bog): Locate a wooden stump slightly northwest of the Pylon. You’ll find a note and a duffle bag nearby containing the Toolbox Key.
  • Toolbox near Watoga River: East of Watoga, find a toolbox near the riverbank. Use the Toolbox Key to open it and obtain the Key to Clara’s Box.
  • Red Rocket in Sutton: Head north from the Red Rocket and search for a doghouse with a box inside. Unlock it with the Key to Clara’s Box.
  • Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant (Southwest of the Map): This is where you might find the Nuka-Cola Dark paint plan itself. Search around the plant for the location of the paint plan.

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