Where to find/farm Aluminum in Fallout 76

Aluminum FO76

Are you looking to farm locations and items for some aluminum in Fallout 76? These items below are what you’ll want to look for to scrap in order to get scrap aluminum.

  • Alarm clock
  • Aluminum can
  • Aluminum canister
  • Aluminum oil can
  • Aluminum tray
  • Aluminum scrap
  • Blasting caps box
  • Bulk aluminum
  • Cake pan
  • Carlisle typewriter
  • Clean cake pan
  • Clean coffee tin
  • Coffee tin
  • Coolant cap
  • Empty can
  • Eyebot model
  • HH-3A capacitor
  • Hubcap
  • Industrial oil canister
  • Large glass jar lid
  • Large glass jar ring
  • Large glass jar
  • Medium Int rock
  • Mine suit breather
  • Mr. Gutsy model
  • Mr. Handy model
  • Oil Can
  • Protectron model
  • Ring stand
  • Robot parts model
  • Sentry bot model
  • Ski pole
  • Small glass jar lid
  • Small glass jar ring
  • Small glass jar
  • Steel guitar
  • Surgical tray
  • Tin pitcher
  • Toy rocketship
  • TV dinner tray
  • Unrusted tin can
  • Vault-Tec alarm clock
  • Wakemaster alarm clock

You might want to check out this map that shows the aluminum ore vein locations throughout Fallout 76. These are a great source to generate aluminum while you have your camp there.

Here are a couple of videos that might help you on your journey to farm / find aluminum in Fallout 76:

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  • Fallout 76 how to get aluminum farm location items and tips – Video
  • The BEST Aluminum Scrap Farm in Fallout 76 (UPDATED) – Video
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