Where to find/farm Brahmin Locations in Fallout 76?

Brahmin are livestock animals in Fallout 76, and they can be found in various locations throughout the wasteland. Here are some general locations where you can find and potentially farm Brahmin:

  1. Flatwoods: The town of Flatwoods, located in the Forest region, often has Brahmin wandering around. You can also find a pen with several Brahmin.
  2. Morgantown: In the Morgantown area, especially around the Agricultural Center and nearby farms, you may find Brahmin.
  3. Billings Homestead: This location, found in the Forest region, has a Brahmin pen where you can usually find several Brahmin.
  4. Rollins Work Camp: In the Ash Heap region, you can find Brahmin near Rollins Work Camp, typically in a fenced-in area.
  5. Hemlock Holes Maintenance: This is a workshop location in the Toxic Valley region, and it often has a Brahmin in the workshop area.
  6. Philippi Battlefield Cemetery: In the Toxic Valley region, there is often a Brahmin located near the cemetery.
  7. Spruce Knob Channels: In the Savage Divide region, you can sometimes find Brahmin at the Spruce Knob Channels.
  8. Random Encounters: Brahmin can also appear in random encounters as you explore the wasteland. Keep an eye out for them in various locations.

Brahmin are valuable in Fallout 76 because they can be used for their milk, which can be turned into various food and drink items, as well as their fertilizer for crafting. If you’re looking to farm Brahmin for their resources, consider setting up your C.A.M.P. near a reliable Brahmin spawn point, or visit the locations mentioned above periodically to gather their resources.