Where to find/farm Yao Guai Locations in Fallout 76?

Yao Guai are powerful and dangerous mutated bears in Fallout 76. They can be found in several locations across the wasteland. Here are some places where you can find and potentially farm Yao Guai:

  1. Toxic Valley:
    • Wavy Willard’s Water Park: Yao Guai can often be found around the water park area.
  2. The Forest:
    • Black Bear Lodge: This location in the Forest region sometimes has Yao Guai in the vicinity.
    • Gilman Lumber Mill: Yao Guai can occasionally spawn near this location.
  3. Ash Heap:
    • Brickyard: You may encounter Yao Guai in the Brickyard area of the Ash Heap.
  4. The Mire:
    • Cranberry Glade: Look around this area in the Mire region for Yao Guai.
  5. Savage Divide:
    • Site Alpha: In the Savage Divide region, Yao Guai can be found near Site Alpha, which is part of the Enclave questline.
  6. Cranberry Bog:
    • Watoga: The area around the city of Watoga in the Cranberry Bog region can have Yao Guai spawns.
  7. Random Encounters:
    • Yao Guai can also appear in random encounters as you explore the wasteland. Keep an eye out for them in various locations.

Please note that Yao Guai are formidable opponents, especially for lower-level characters. It’s recommended to approach them with caution and be well-prepared for combat. Additionally, Yao Guai locations can sometimes have high-level variants of the creature, so be sure you’re adequately equipped before engaging them.