Where to find/farm Fusion Cores in Fallout 76?

Fusion Cores

The map above provides all the locations you’ll want to check out to get a free fusion core. Fusion cores are essential power sources for Power Armor and some energy weapons. They can be found in several locations throughout the wasteland.

Here are some common places in the wasteland that you can find fusion cores:

  • Power Armor Frames: One of the most reliable ways to obtain fusion cores is by looting Power Armor frames. These frames often come with partially charged fusion cores that you can remove and use.
  • Military Installations: Explore military installations such as Fort Defiance, Camp McClintock, and the National Radio Astronomy Research Center (NRARC) for fusion cores. They are often found in containers, generators, or storage areas within these locations.
  • Nuclear Power Plants: Visit nuclear power plants like Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06, Monongah Power Plant, and Thunder Mountain Power Plant. These locations usually have fusion cores in generators, fusion core processors, or storage rooms.
  • RobCo Research Center: Search the RobCo Research Center for fusion cores. This facility contains various robotic enemies and technology, making it a potential source for fusion cores.
  • Ammo Vending Machines: Some ammo vending machines scattered across Appalachia may occasionally stock fusion cores for purchase.
  • Fusion Core Generators: Look for fusion core generators in certain areas, such as workshops that you claim. These generators produce fusion cores over time when the workshop is active and powered.
  • Scorchbeasts and High-Level Enemies: Defeating powerful enemies like Scorchbeasts, high-level robots, or enemies in areas with high radiation levels may yield fusion cores as part of their loot drops.
  • Player Vending Machines: Occasionally, players may sell fusion cores in their player vending machines. Check player camps or visit player vendors to see if they have fusion cores available for sale.

Remember that fusion cores can also be crafted by using flux at a chemistry station if you have the necessary materials and recipes.