Where to find/farm Tick Locations in Fallout 76?

Ticks are small, parasitic creatures in Fallout 76, and they can be found in several locations throughout the game. Ticks can be farmed for their materials, including tick blood and tick blood sacs, which are used in crafting. Here are some general locations where you can find and potentially farm ticks:

  1. The Forest Region:
    • Flatwoods: Ticks can occasionally be found in and around Flatwoods, particularly in grassy areas.
  2. Toxic Valley Region:
    • Grafton: Ticks can sometimes be found near Grafton, especially in wooded and grassy areas.
  3. Savage Divide Region:
    • Top of the World: This area in the Savage Divide region may have ticks, particularly in the vicinity of the Top of the World resort.
  4. Cranberry Bog Region:
    • Watoga: The city of Watoga and the surrounding Cranberry Bog region can have tick spawns, especially near water sources.
  5. Random Encounters:
    • Ticks can also appear in random encounters as you explore the wasteland. Keep an eye out for them, particularly in grassy and wooded areas.

Ticks are relatively small and not very aggressive, so they are relatively easy to defeat. Use a ranged weapon or melee weapon to take them down. Collecting tick materials can be useful for crafting and crafting recipes, making them a valuable resource for survivors in Fallout 76.