Where to find the Gauss Minigun Plan in Fallout 76?


The Gauss Minigun in Fallout 76 isn’t obtainable directly. You can’t find it as loot or a reward. Instead, you need to acquire the plans to build it yourself.

Here’s how you get the Gauss Minigun plans:

  • Purchase from Mortimer in Crater: Head to Crater, a settlement run by the Crater faction. Mortimer sells the plans for the Gauss Minigun itself and all its mods for a total of 1250 gold bullion.
  • Buy from Minerva (occasional): Minerva, a traveling vendor who appears at random locations every weekend, also has a chance to sell the Gauss Minigun plans at a discounted price. Keep an eye out for her during your travels.

Look for Minerva‘s location at various locations to see if she is selling the Gauss Minigun plan. Here are a few videos about the Gauss Minigun plan:

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