Year: 2022

Guide of Locations on where to Find/Farm Steel in Fallout 76

Aside from scrapping weapons and armor for steel you’ll want to consider checking out these locations for steel items to scrap. Locations to farm for Steel scrap items: West Tek The Whitespring Resort Shops Camden Park Pleasant Valley Ski Resort Pleasant Valley Cabins Prison yard outside Eastern Regional Penitentiary The […]

Guide of Locations on where to Find/Farm Silver in Fallout 76

Are you looking for locations to find silver scrap and silver items? There are several items and locations to find silver below you’ll see a list of them. Silver scrap items: Assaultron circuit board Enhanced targeting card Fancy hairbrush Flute Gold table spoon Metal beer stein Scrap Assaultron head Silver […]

How to get Free Holiday Gifts in Fallout 76

The process is super simple…! During the Holiday Scorched community event place down the Santatron Collectron station at your CAMP. Make sure the settings are on the gifts so you receive the holiday gifts in the collection container. The Santatron Collectron station’s container will produce one random item every seven […]

How to get Unlimited Holiday Gifts in Fallout 76

So you’re looking to cash in on the Scorched Holiday Gifts? Well the video above provides an amazing way to get unlimited amounts of holiday gifts. The process is simple as long as you can keep the workshops claimed… unless you go into a private world and follow the steps. […]

Fallout 76 – Holiday Scorched Spawn Location Map & Route

The above image provides a great route to take to find and farm the Holiday Scorched in Fallout 76. When taking the route it’s best to start at the top and work your way down to Camden Park. The yellow stars on the map indicate the highly popular areas where […]

Where to find a Thirst Zapper plans, mods & more in Fallout 76

So you’ve seen people running around with the water gun weapon and you were wondering where they bought it or got the plan for it? Well look no further you can actually purchase the Thirst Zapper from the Prize Terminal at Nuka Cade it’s under the Level 3 prize (6000 […]

Tutorial on How to Build a Floating CAMP in Fallout 76

The above video provides a detailed tutorial on how to build a floating CAMP in Fallout 76. When building a floating CAMP the one thing you’ll want to consider is the location. Here are several other tutorials on how to locate and build a CAMP in the sky. Fallout 76 […]

List of Nuka World on Tour Spin The Wheel Plans & Weapons – Fallout 76

The list of plans and weapons below are earned by completing the Spin The Wheel event during the Nuka World on Tour. These plans are pretty incredible and can be traded or sold if you have a duplicate of them. Weapon: Whacker Smacker Plan: Bottle Plush Plan: Cappy Plush Plan: […]

List of Nuka World on Tour Tunnel of Love Plans & Weapons – Fallout 76

The list of plans below are awarded for completing the “Tunnel Of Love” event in Nuka World on Tour. If there are any missing from the list please feel free to leave a comment that suggests the missing ones. Weapon: Burning Love or Love Tap Plan: Cupid Cappy Signs Plan: […]

List of Nuka World on Tour Plans, Recipes & Weapons – Fallout 76

So you’ve seen a bunch of new plans come across the screen while playing in or around the Nuka World on Tour events. Well below is a list of plans and recipes you’ll be able to learn: Sesmic Activity Plans Weapon: Molerat Bat or Grand Finale Plan: Desktop Nuka Launcher […]