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Vertibird Model Aircraft | Fallout Figurine Collection – Fallout 76

Looking for an incredible Fallout 76 collectible? The limited edition Vertibird Aircraft will feature models from the long-running video game franchise. Each vehicle will be between 8 and 11 inches long, and is made of die-cast metal and high-quality ABS materials. The accompanying 16-page magazines profiles each ship and features […]

Where to Watch the Fallout TV Series?

So you’re looking to watch the latest Fallout TV series? Well currently the only place to watch it is over on Amazon! You can follow the TV series over on Twitter @falloutonprime Here are the name of the Fallout series episodes: S1 E1: The End – Okey dokey… S1 E2: […]

Fallout Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI Construction Kit

The Wand Company’s Pip-Boy construction kit is a beautifully designed, highly detailed and fully accurate replica of the Fallout 76 Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI. Presented in an authentically vintage display case, the kit has been designed to mimic the look and feel of the kits that Vault-Tec may have supplied […]

Fallout Neon/LED Gaming Decor Sign

The above Fallout neon light has real acrylic backplane instead of plastic backboard. This light up sign is consist of ice blue and lemon yellow. How beautiful the color it is! And it can make your home brightly and artistically. Are you still looking for a special gift? Don’t hesitate!As […]

Fallout Vault-Tec Gaming Chair/Office Chair

This Fallout themed embroidery on both the front and back of the chair featuring Vault Boy and the Vault-Tec Logo, along with the ‘Prepare for the Future’ tagline from the series. Premium Vault-Tec blue & yellow PU leather upholstery with contrasting white stitching accents. Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support with Intricate […]

List of Fallout Game Music and Radio Stations

One of the great things in the Fallout game series is the music. It’s an amazing thing to see that there is also a love for this music on various platforms such as YouTube and Amazon. Below you’ll find a nice collection of Fallout era music. YouTube stations that have […]

Top 5 Fallout Gamer Gifts of the Holidays

Here is a collection of Fallout gamer gifts to consider this holiday season! These gifts are super affordable and would make great stocking stuffers! Gift 1: Fallout 76 Vault Boy Reusable Face Mask Gift 2: Fallout Vinyl Record Clock Gift 3: Fallout: The Official Vault Dweller’s Advent Calendar Gift 4: […]

Vintage Fallout Game – Jigsaw Puzzles

The Fallout jigsaw puzzles shown are depicting a pre-war scene from the popular Fallout video game series, this high quality, display-grade jigsaw puzzle. There are a few Vintage Fallout Game – Jigsaw Puzzles that can be found on Amazon: Vintage Fallout Game – Jigsaw Puzzle Fallout Please Stand By – […]

Fallout Vinyl Clock 12″, Unique Original Decor

Looking for more man cave decor? How about a unique Fallout clock like the one in the photo above? This is a pretty cool gift for any occasion – Christmas, birthday, wedding, housewarming, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Halloween, mother’s Day, New Year, father’s Day, and so on. The Fallout vinyl clock […]