What are the Lunchboxes for in Fallout 76?

Lunch Box

Are you wondering what the lunchboxes in Fallout 76 are used for? How about if you can find them or buy them? Well here are the answers to your questions! First off the lunchboxes cannot be traded, dropped, or sold to vendors. When using a lunchbox in Fallout 76 you’ll gain a temporary perk for yourself and the people who are close to you once you open the lunchbox.

In addition when a lunchbox is used, they’ll provide Very Well Rested, a +25% XP bonus, along with a random “party favor” social effect in a small radius, with effects lasting for 60 minutes and 15 seconds. The ‘Very Well Rested‘ bonus can stack up to four times at any given time, increasing the overall bonus of the individual effect, up to a maximum +100% XP bonus. Receiving additional buffs will refresh the duration.

How to get / find lunchboxes in Fallout 76:

  • Lunchboxes may be purchased for 100 Gold Bullion (from Mortimer or Samuel after completing the Vault 79 raid).
  • Lunchboxes may be earned at various S.C.O.R.E. ranks.
  • Lunchboxes can currently be purchased through the Atomic Shop

The temporary perks are as follows:

  • Antacids – +10% Radiation Resistance
  • Balloons – +3.2 jump height
  • Confetti Mess – Enemies may explode into confetti when killed
  • Fingertrap – +5% damage to ghouls and super mutants
  • Gift Bag – +15 Carry Weight
  • Noisemaker – +5% damage to robots
  • Plastic Animals – +5% damage to animals
  • So Much Cake – 50% slower hunger rate
  • To-Go Punch – 50% slower thirst rate

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