Where to find Grahm in Fallout 76?

The above video shows the location of Grahm in Fallout 76 near the Monongah Power Plant. In order to get Grahm to spawn there consistently you’ll need to have a Fallout 1st Subscription (or have a friend who has one).

Here are the steps on how to get Grahm to spawn:

  1. In a Public World fast travel to the Monongah Power Plant.
  2. Back out of the Public World to the main Fallout 76 dashboard.
  3. Next Join a Private World… You should spawn at the Monongah Power Plant and Grahm should be walking by… like in the video above!
  4. If he isn’t walking by then head north on the road towards the power plant and follow the road. You should see him down the way.
  5. After you check his inventory, back out of the Private World.
  6. Once you’re at the Fallout 76 dashboard you’ll want to join a Public Match/World to the main Fallout 76 dashboard.
  7. When you’re in the Public World wander around for roughly 2+ mins then join back into a Private World BUT make sure you’re at the Monongah Power Plant before you join the Private World.
  8. If you did it correctly you’ll see the “Building World” show up on the right side slide in… If it says “Joining World” then you didn’t wait long enough in the Public World.

Here is a list of some of the New Plans that Grahm has to offer. Grahm is a traveling Super Mutant vendor who can be found throughout Appalachia. He is a friendly and helpful trader, and he often has rare and valuable plans for sale.

Grahm can be found at the following locations:

  • Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm
  • Flatwoods
  • Point Pleasant
  • Fissure Site Prime
  • Grafton Steel Yard
  • Pumpkin House
  • Monongah Power Plant

Grahm also appears at the Meat Week event, which is held every few weeks. During Meat Week, Grahm can be found at the unmarked cookout spot southwest of Vault 76.

To find Grahm, you can either fast travel to one of the locations listed above or use the following method:

  1. Go to the nearest train station.
  2. Talk to the train station vendor.
  3. Ask the vendor if they have seen Grahm.
  4. If the vendor has seen Grahm, they will tell you where he is currently located.

Grahm is a valuable asset to any player looking to acquire rare and valuable plans. If you are lucky enough to find him, be sure to stock up on his wares!

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