Where to find/farm Orange Mentats in Fallout 76

So you’re looking for some Orange Mentats, did you know that Orange Mentats provide an increase to Perception for eight minutes (which can be increased to 24 with the Chemist perk card). in addition your V.A.T.S. accuracy is increased by 10% to all regions.

The Orange Mentats recipe can be purchased from the Enclave bunker in Whitesprings from the medic bay vendor. You might also find a Scavenger trader wandering around who sells them. Here is a link that will provide you with a map of the various mirrors and chem containers that contain orange mentats.

If you are able to get the orange mentats recipe and you’re looking to craft some orange mentats then you’ll need the following ingredients to do so:

  • 2 – Carrots (in the garden behind the General’s Steakhouse)
  • 1 – Mentat (crafted or purchased at Medical supplies vending machine at train stations)
  • 1 – Silt Bean (found near/around WV Lumber Co.)