List of all the Jumpsuits in Fallout 76

Fallout Jumpsuits

Looking to collect some of the rarest apparel in Fallout 76? Then consider searching for the jumpsuits. The complete list of Fallout 76 jumpsuits are shown below with the locations / tasks on how to get them:

  • BOS Jumpsuit – Complete Savage Divide events
  • Forest Camo JumpsuitView Post
  • Mechanic Jumpsuit – Found at Hornwright air purifier site #02
  • Responders Paramedic Jumpsuit – Earned as a reward from Buried with Honor
  • Vault 76 Jumpsuit – Given at the beginning of the game
  • Vault 94 Jumpsuit – Completing a Daily Op with a player character above level 50
  • Vault 51 Jumpsuit – Reaching Overseer Rank 1 in Nuclear Winter
  • Vault 111 JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Vault-Tec University Jumpsuit – On shelves inside of Vault-Tec University
  • Whitespring Jumpsuit – Complete Savage Divide events
  • White Powder Jumpsuit – Complete Savage Divide events
  • Vault-Tec Jumpsuit – Plan is in Overseer’s cache in Grafton
  • Spacesuit JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Park Ranger JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Red Rocket JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Camden Park JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • RobCo JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Grafton Steel JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Nuka-Cola Cherry JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Nuka-Cola Dark JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum JumpsuitAtomic Shop
  • Watoga Jumpsuit – Reward from Season 7 Scoreboard
  • Wavy Willard JumpsuitAtomic Shop

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