Where to find/farm Ragstag in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, Radstags can typically be found in various locations throughout the game world. Radstags are mutated deer that have been affected by radiation and are often hostile towards players. Here are some common locations where you may find Radstags:

  1. Forested Areas: Look for Radstags in wooded and forested regions of the map. They tend to favor these environments.
  2. Near Water Sources: Radstags may be found near rivers, streams, or other water bodies to drink and graze.
  3. Random Encounters: Radstags can appear as random encounters while you explore the wasteland.
  4. Cranberry Bog: This region is known for being dangerous due to high-level enemies, but Radstags can still be found here.
  5. Toxic Valley: Another area where Radstags are known to roam.
  6. Near Vault 76: Radstags have been known to appear near the starting area of the game as well.

Radstags are common creatures in Fallout 76 and can be found in a variety of locations. Some of the best places to find radstags include:

  • Twin Lakes: This location in the Savage Divide is home to a large herd of radstags that can be easily farmed.
  • Whispering Creek Golf Club: This golf course in the Forest is another good spot to find radstags.
  • Whitespring Resort: The Whitespring Resort is a popular tourist destination, but it’s also home to a number of radstags that can be found grazing in the surrounding area.
  • Lakeside Cabins / Summerville: This area in the Forest is home to a number of radstags that can be found roaming the forests and lakes.
  • The Freak Show: This location in the Savage Divide is home to a number of radstags that can be found in the circus tents.

Here are some tips for finding radstags in Fallout 76:

  • Use a hunting rifle or a bow and arrow: These weapons will allow you to take down radstags from a distance, without alerting other creatures in the area.
  • Use a scent lure: Scent lures can be crafted or purchased from vendors, and they will attract radstags to your location.
  • Listen for the sound of their hooves: Radstags make a distinctive sound when they walk, so you can listen for them to pinpoint their location.
  • Be patient: Radstags can be skittish, so it may take some time to find them. Just be patient and keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll eventually spot a herd of radstags grazing in the distance.

Remember, enemy spawns in Fallout 76 are dynamic, so you might encounter Radstags in unexpected locations too. Keep exploring, and you’re likely to come across them during your adventures in the wasteland.