Where to find/farm Treasure Hunter Mole Miners in Fallout 76

So you’re looking for the Treasure Hunter event spawn locations? This map of the locations and the video above gives you a good idea where to look as well as the locations in the list below:

  • Camden Park
  • Beckley
  • Brim Quarry
  • Welch
  • Lewisburg
  • Mount Blair
  • Mount Blair Trainyard
  • Abandoned Mineshaft 1
  • Abandoned Mineshaft 2
  • Abandoned Mineshaft 3
  • Abandoned Mineshaft 4
  • Abandoned Mineshaft 5
  • Abandoned Mineshaft 6
  • The Burning Mine
  • Lake Reynolds
  • AMS Testing Site
  • Rusty Pick
  • Striker Row
  • Big Bend Tunnel West
  • Abandoned Mine Site Kittery

TIP: Buy the mole miner pails from the vendors, not the ornate pails. The percentage for something good is only a 20% difference (40% chance on regulars, 60% on the ornate ones).

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