Where to find the Forest Camo Jumpsuit in Fallout 76

If you’re looking to obtain the Forest Camo Jumpsuit then you’ll need to grind all of the forest events. Lucky for you the list below shows which events you’ll have to grind. Be cautious that there is an estimated 0.03% chance to get this rare outfit from the events below.

  • Daily: Ecological Balance
  • Daily: Strange Brew
  • Event: Back On the Beat
  • Event: Collision Course
  • Event: Death Blossoms
  • Event: Feed The People
  • Event: Fertile Soil
  • Event: Leader of The Pack
  • Event: Project Beanstalk
  • Event: The Path to Enlightenment
  • Event: Tea Time

Some of the listed Forest Events are easy to do for some of the daily challenge events to complete. You can always check vending machines in-case someone is selling them for cheap caps not knowing what they have.

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