List of Grahm’s Recently Added New Plans?

If you’re wondering what are some of Grahmns new plans? Then look no further… here is a list of Grahm’s new plans in Fallout 76:

  • Domestic Kitchen Tables: There are three plans for this item.
    • Plan: Black Domestic Kitchen Tables
    • Plan: Brown Domestic Kitchen Tables
    • Plan: White Domestic Kitchen Tables
  • Mirror Balls: There are four new plans for this item.
    • Plan: Blue Mirror Balls
    • Plan: Green Mirror Balls
    • Plan: Pink Mirror Balls
    • Plan: Red Mirror Balls
  • Picnic Tables: There are five new plans for this item.
    • Plan: Blue Picnic Tables
    • Plan: Green Picnic Tables
    • Plan: Pink Picnic Tables
    • Plan: Red Picnic Tables
    • Plan: White Picnic Tables
  • Suitcases: There are seven new plans for this item.
    • Plan: Black Suitcases
    • Plan: Blue Suitcases
    • Plan: Green Suitcases
    • Plan: Orange Suitcases
    • Plan: Pink Suitcases
    • Plan: Purple Suitcases
    • Plan: Red Suitcases
  • Clean Park Bench: This plan allows you to craft a clean version of the park bench.

These plans were added to Grahm’s inventory in the Once in the Blue Moon update, which was released on February 14, 2023. They are all randomly loaded into his inventory, so you may not always find them when you encounter him.

To find Grahm, you can either wander around Appalachia and hope to run into him, or you can try to find him at one of his known spawn points. Some of his known spawn points include:

  • The Whitespring Resort
  • The Monongah Power Plant
  • The Welch Train Station
  • The Top of the World
  • The Ash Heap

Once you find Grahm, you can trade with him for caps or for other items. He will sometimes have the new plans in his inventory, so it’s worth checking with him if you’re looking for them.

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