Where can I Find a Chainsaw Location in Fallout 76?

So are you looking for the locations of a chainsaw in Fallout 76? The provided locations below are a great place to start your search for one or many if you’re looking to collect them. Since “The Pitt” update it looks like there can be legendary versions of the chainsaws.

  • Clarksburg – Found on the top floor of the hardware store, on a shelf above a safe.
  • Crimson Prospect – Appears southwest next to a bus, on a metal shelf, on the bottom row.
  • Metal Dome – It’s on the opposite side of the arena from the spawn point, up the ramp, inside a small metal building.
  • Mountainside Bed & Breakfast – Spawns in the basement on the shelf with the ammo box.
  • Pleasant Valley cabins – Can be found under a large pine tree on the cliffs due west of the map marker.
  • Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 – It’s inside the South Expansion, on a table with a portable grill, on the upper level accessed through the broken pipes.
  • Ranger district office barn – Appears on a cabinet opposite a row of cages.
  • West Virgina Lumber Co. – Spawns on the table in front of the fusion generator on the lower interior level of the complex.

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