Where to find Teddy Bears in Fallout 76 – Map

The video provided above shows you where you can easily find the teddy bears that are throughout the wasteland in Fallout 76. There are 12 teddy bears to chose from, here are the names of them;

  • Comrade Chubs
  • Teddy Fear
  • Bumblebear
  • Stuffed grizzly
  • Quantum Bear
  • Bubblegum Bear
  • Radbear
  • Lil’ginger Snuggles
  • Pristine Teddy Bear
  • Imported Chinese Panda
  • Stuffed Polar Bear
  • Teddy Bear

Sometimes if you’re lucky you can find someone selling the teddy bears in their vending machines so you don’t have to go looking for them. However, if you do start looking for them then the map shown above is a great way to start.

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